LaMancha AI bucks

Below is a complete inventory of the Nubian bucks in our ai tanks. Some will
be used this year and some in future years. Pedigrees will be left up for 
future and current references.

By-Grace High Calibur
Sire: One*Oak*Hill Luxor Tadoo
Dam: SGCH 2*M Allroc-Farms Smoky Rosebud

*B Cash-Farms Red Tex
Sire: +*B South-Fork TR Red Rock (Littermate to Tuff Enuff)
Dam: 8*M Me's-Ranch Trent Eartha

SG +*B Clover-Meadows P.J. Capp
Sire: SG ++*B Yazz Magic Dragon
Dam: SGCH 2*M Clover Meadows Yosa Sheen

+*B Clovertop's Louie Torres
Sire: ++*B Clovertop's Mintor
Dam: GCH 1*M Clovertop's La LLuvia

*B Fieldstone TR Sailor
Sire: +*B Winterwood's SW Trinidad 
Dam: SGCH 2*M Fieldstone CYT Sachet

SG ++*B Haute Caprine Pulsar
Sire: ++B Antares M. Voyager
Dam: GCH 2*M Rocking M Tamra

*B Irish Valley OOHM Julius Ceasar
Sire: *B One*Oak*Hill Tweed Mysaka
Dam: GCH 8*M Willow Run Wild Jamaica

Irish Valley Cycas Jerusalem 
Sire: One*Oak*Hill Hesston Cycas
Dam: GCH 8*M Willow Run Wild Jamaica

++*B Lucky Star's NB Yauldson
Sire: ++*B Nolee's Y. Bouquet
Dam: GCH 5*M Lucky Star's Wanton Woman

GCH ++*B Lucky Star's Shultze Select
Sire: ++*B Uttered Acres Melchisedec
Dam: 3*M Tan-Oak's Sacha

GCH ++*B Lucky Star's QA Zachary Taylor
Sire: GCH ++*B Quixote's Shalla's Alladin
Dam: GCH 4*M Lucky Star's Rosa Maria

*B Lucky Star's Y Belmondo
Sire: ++*B Lucky Star's Yauldson
Dam: GCH 4*M Lucky Star's SS Yvonne

GCH ++*B Lucky Star's Y Bismark
Sire: ++*B Lucky Star's Yauldson
Dam: GCH 4*M Tan-Oak's Tandra Select

GCH ++*B Lucky Star's Zandar The Great
Sire: GCH ++*B K-Lou Y. Stylish Dragon
Dam: 5*M Lucky Star's QA Xanthe

+*B Lucky Star's C Emilio Estevez
Sire: +*B Me's-Ranch Alex Check Mate
Dam: GCH 5*M Lucky Star's Y Brigette Bardot

 *B Lucky Star's F Jeremiah
Sire: SGCH ++*B Winterwood's Z Firestorm
Dam: SGCH 3*M Lucky Star's Y Bewitched

++*B Little Orchard GE Showboat
Sire: +*B Little Orchard SA Golden Era
Dam: 9*M Little Orchard N Spring Song

GCH +*B Little-Orchard CSS Gold Quest
Sire: ++*B Companeros Shogun Samurai
Dam: GCH 4*M Little Orchard Grand Finale

*B Majenli WFS Lakota
Sire: Welbian-Farm's Son Of A Beach
Dam: SGCH 5*M Lucky Star's H Java

*B Oak-Knoll-Dairy Y Kublai Khan
Sire: SGCH ++*B Little Bic's Y-Yogi Yahn
Dam: SGCH 1*M Oak-Knoll-Dairy NP Carolyn

*B Oak-Knoll-Dairy HK Pissarro
Sire: *B Lucky Star's DL Hallmark
Dam: SGCH 4*M Oak-Knoll-Dairy COL Daffodil

SG +*B Oak Knoll Dairy Cal Hector
Sire: SG ++*B Sundew NP Caliente
Dam: 6*M Oak-Knoll-Dairy Fawn

+*B Oak Knoll Dairy Buckaroo Bonzi
Sire: GCH ++B K-Mar S Carter
Dam: 1*M Lucky Star's SS Zabaglione

CH *B Ryan's Ridge LSM Garth
Sire: +*B Lucky Star's T Mesquite
Dam: SG 5*M Ryan's Ridge HK Kewl Kewl Kitty

*B Rainbow's-End Sym's Gabriel
Sire: *B Lucky Star's Y Belmondo
Dam: GCH 7*M Little Orchard N Symphony

+*B Redwood Hill Saxon Saber
Sire: ++*B Longden Acres E. Saxon
Dam: GCH 3*M Redwood Hills Leather Sachi

+*B Redwood-Hills Nomad Scout
Sire: GCH ++*B Secret Ravine Voyager's Nomad
Dam: 4*M Redwood Hill's Chickory Scotia

*B Redwood-Hills Ely Virtuosity
Sire: +*B Lucky Star's B Ely
Dam: GCH 4*M Redwood-Hills Beau Violette

*B Rockin-CB E Ensign
Sire: +*B Lucky Star's C Emilio Estevez
Dam: GCH 1*M Rockin-CB Brigham's Epic

++B Rocky-Run Alex's Exclusive
Sire: GCH ++*B Me's Ranch Tessa's Alex
Dam: GCH 5*M Rocky Run Esperanza

+*B Secret Ravine Stormy Starmaker
Sire: GCH ++*B Downwind Midnight's Stormy
Dam: 4*M Windy Springs SQ MischeifMaker

SG ++*B Sundew NP Caliente
Sire: SG ++B Haunte Caprine No Problema
Dam: SGCH 3*M CS Catalina