...Pictures of our 2011 Kids...

Please note: Just because kids are pictured on this page, it does not necessarily mean they are for sale! Some are retained and some were spoken for before birth. I just try to take photos of each of the kids to show interested buyers what our kid crop has been like each year. If there are any kids for sale; they will be listed on the for sale page!!! Click HERE to view the for sale page.

I realize most people know this fact; however, we recently had a major issue with a certain individual who did not seem to comprehend what she was told. This individual showed up at our house even after numerous phone calls telling her nothing was available, and even after she was told we were not even home simply because she "assumed" any goat on the website was for sale instead of simply looking at the for sale page. Sorry to be so harsh, but this individual caused some major aggravation that we would like to avoid in the future.

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